Do you have a stained roof? You don't have to anymore! Superior Roof Cleaning uses a safe 2-step mothod. First your roof is gently cleaned, removing the algae that causes ugly, damaging roof stains. Next we apply an inhibitor that keeps your roof clean for 12 months or more.

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Returns your roof to near its original beauty … and KEEPS it clean.

There are several ways to have a clean roof again:

1. Re-roof - a very expensive option and your current roof likely has more useful life (it is estimated that 50% of roofs are replaced because of stains rather than because of life).

2. Power Wash and/or Brush Clean the roof - not a good approach since it damages the roof by breaking away the roof granules that protect the roof and provide color.

3. Our Gentle Clean Treatment method that will not harm your roof but will get it clean and keep it clean!

Preventative Maintenance by Superior Roof Cleaning

We offer an annual program to treat your roof to keep it algae free. The goal is to keep your roof looking great and ensure that you get the maximum life from your roof.

What causes these ugly roof stains?

The dark stains are caused by a hardy algae, Gloecapsa Magma, that thrives on asphalt shingled roofs in much of the country, especially more humid areas. Algae spores are carried by wind, birds, squirrels, etc. from roof to roof. Growth normally starts on the north side as well as shaded areas of the roof.

The algae takes root on the shingles dislodging the granules which protect and color the roof. It holds water to the roof’s surface and can cause decay & rot of the roof’s underlayment. Not only is your roof being discolored by the algae, but it is shortening the life of the roof leading to earlier than necessary roof replacement.

Years ago, this staining was not a problem. But asphalt shingles are now manufactured using limestone as a base filler. Unfortunately, limestone is a favorite food of this strain of algae. The algae used to starve to death when it landed on your roof - now it thrives on your roof!

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